You Are Invited To Our Workplace Coffee Talk

Are you ready to enter 2021 with a new mindset and productive start for you and your team?

During our Workplace Coffee Talk, we will discuss what should be ‘top of mind’ for all employers and what you can do as a business leader to continue to cultivate a safe, productive and engaged workplace. Because we will continue to see government-mandated pandemic protocols and increased political polarization in the new year, employers must be ready to tackle additional workplace challenges and disruptions. Specifically, we will discuss the following:

  • Updates on Covid-19 laws and regulations (employer-mandated vaccinations) and their continued impact on workplaces
  • How to balance employee health issues (including mental health) and the need for flexibility with an employer’s need to stay productive
  • Continued challenges with remote work and how to maintain employee accountability while juggling work-from-home challenges  
  • Increased focus on social issues of equity and diversity in the workplace and what employers need to know to minimize their risks of employment lawsuits
  • How leaders and managers can set a positive tone, effectively defuse divisiveness, and create a cohesive and unified environment in the midst of continued uncertainty

Bring your coffee, your wins and your challenges and lets grow together!