Flexibility & Humility – how to flex the right way (hustle and heart) to get what is needed for you, your customer and employees.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." - CS Lewis

Mastering flexibility and humility fosters better leadership and stronger relationships in a host of ways.

Organizations and relationships can stick around longer if we learn how to be flexible. Somewhat counterintuitively, to embrace all the change around us while still remaining secure requires a big dose of humility. That’s because humility involves the presence of pure confidence.

Leaders who are uncomfortable with being comfortable and constantly keep their radar tuned to a possible need for change are leaders who keep their jobs — and ensure their employees can as well. The best policy is a partnership between adaptability and its twin, resilience.
asking for feedback changes the trajectory toward progress by inviting her team members to become leaders, thus creating collective leadership.

We will highlight the key lesson from Kat Cole, former CEO of Cinnabon and 2020 Live2Lead speaker, as she shares her secrets leveraging Hustle and Heart which allowed her to be flexible and humble.

We will cover 4 mindsets, that if we have command over them and turn them up or down based on the situation, we show up as our best selves: Humility, Curiosity, Courage & Confidence.

Meet Jill, Stella & Cindy, the Hosts of Workplace Coffee Talks

Join Jill, Stella & Cindy, your workplace experts, as we discuss the leadership and legal challenges and best practices to lead through these turbulent times.
Jill Windelspecht, President of Talent Specialists Consulting (executive coach, leadership expert & organization effectiveness consultant), Stella Skaljac, President of ImagineHR (employment attorney/human resource consultant) and Cindy Holzheimer, President/CEO of NOACC are looking forward to sharing a cup of coffee and insights that will help you grow your leadership and your business!

Throughout our series – “From Litigation to Inspiration!” – we look at each issue from an employment law and leadership lens. Being proactive and informed on key workplace trends and challenges will undoubtedly help mitigate potential liability, grow your business and create a more engaged and productive culture. You will receive practical takeaways and simple action steps that you can start implementing right away.

After extensive research and leveraging our own experiences with a variety of global and local companies, we have compiled the top workplace trends and challenges of 2021. We will discuss each topic providing examples of real scenarios that all businesses deal with daily and give advice from a legal, leadership, culture and workplace best practices perspective.

Hosted by:

Jill, Stella & Cindy

"Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues." - Confucius

No matter your profession - teacher, business executive, or government official - leadership is a skill everyone can use a little more of. This webinar will be of value to everyone from seasoned leaders to those just starting out.

We have heard great feedback from you on our new format. We have changed our format to a much more ENGAGING and INTERACTIVE event. You will have key takeaways and resources that you can use and apply right away. We have also included an 'Ask the Expert' and Networking component in the last 30 minutes of our program. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Wednesday, August 11th At 9:00 am EDT!