Building A High Performance Culture

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Company culture is the synthesis of values, vision, mission, and purpose that sits at the center of any successful business. It is the cohesive atmosphere that permeates a company and directly affects the way people work within that company.

The first step to creating a company culture is the necessary shift from a focus on company performance to company purpose. What your company is and what it stands for is as important to your business as the products or services you provide. In fact, it is your company’s values that drive performance and ultimately lead to your success.

Identifying and working with your values creates a culture-breeding chain reaction that filters right down to the customer. Here’s why:

-Values help to build a culture
-Culture helps the team feel motivated
-Team motivation is a driving factor for customer satisfaction
-Customer satisfaction builds revenue

Our values are at the heart of the decisions we make, and it is values that influence behavior and attitude. So when a company makes decisions based on values, they attract people that align with those values such as people who are positive, committed, and energized by their work.

Company culture has to be created organically over time, but there are several initiatives you can take to help produce an environment that is conducive to the building and maintenance of a strong company culture.

Building A Culture

Building a high-performance culture often means that a company needs to make some preliminary changes to match the performance of the company’s values. However, if not done correctly, such a sudden and dramatic change can be perceived as a negative experience when team members have grown used to a set way of doing things.

It is your responsibility as a leader to make certain the necessary changes are not perceived as an attack on the past. Instead, it should be presented as a step into the future only made possible with the help of the entire team.

Team members who feel valued are more likely to engage in their work, and the outcome is higher performance success, and quality of work as what they’ll produce is the product of your company culture.

The most successful companies understand that the following directives are necessary to nurture employee relationships, and ultimately, company culture:

-Celebrating milestones

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